Oh I See!

Author: Ron Lancaster 
Date: 2005

OhISee! is a web application and community that allows defining "monitors" and "relays". A monitor is a separate mini-application that will proactively watch the behavior of some web-available information. An example of interesting data to monitor would be the price of a particular stock or the number of unread email messages the user has on a particular account. Individual monitors would be responsible for the display of the data they consume. Perhaps one stock price monitor would display stock prices in US dollars while another might convert to Euros.

A relay is a designated broadcast point for other monitors. A relay might simply be a quick way for a user to create a monitor for themselves (because OhISee! will automatically generate a useful monitor from a relay) or it might be a complicated collection of monitors that are presented in a new manner (as an RSS feed, for example). A given relay could be registered with a central OhISee! server in order for potential monitor users to be aware of the up-time of the relay as well as other dependability statistics. Other possibilities include communicating to a Lego Mindstorms Robot through an adapter that communicates via bluetooth.

Members can define multiple monitors and relays and make them public or private. Public monitors and relays may be "cloned" and modified by other members.

The client-side OhISee! application will serve as a display base for a user's collected monitors and relays. In addition, through a public API, other client-side applications could receive broadcasts from OhISee!. The Macintosh-based Growl application would be one such application. Ultimately, the limit of what could be done based on OhISee! broadcasts would be up to individual developers.