All repetitive human work will be done better by machines in the next 10 years

This week, Sam Altman, of Y Combinator, shared the following, eye-opening quote:

All repetitive human work, which is 75-80% of what most of us do, is going to be done better by machines in the next 10 years. And this is a shift that most people [historically never experience], that we will live through once in our lifetimes, but this is on the order of the industrial revolution, the agricultural revolution.

Source: YouTube (8:00 mark)

We're seeing this idea frequently from smart people with access to a wide-range of cutting edge research and companies. The debate now isn't will Automation + Artificial Intelligence broadly disrupt labor, but when will it do so.

Sam discussed this and related topics with Mosaic Ventures late last year (included below). Unfortunately, the above quote isn't directly part of this discussion, but the concepts (and possible mitigations) are.