Apple had to respond to their Pro users and commit to a new Mac Pro, even though the future is iOS and wearables

Earlier this week, Neil Cybart, of Above Avalon, shared a thoughtful and detailed analysis of Apple's strategy in response to Apple's mea culpa:

Apple's decision to change course and develop a new Mac Pro has received near-universal praise from the company's pro community. While developing a new Mac Pro is the right decision for Apple to make given the current situation, it has become clear that the Mac is a major vulnerability in Apple's broader product strategy. 
As seen in [in the chart below], when compared to smaller screen unit sales, devices targeting pro users barely register. Apple has come to the realization that these niche devices, instead of being cast off or ignored, need ongoing attention and resources. 

The present fortunes of Apple are it's iOS devices. And, it's becoming increasingly likely that the future fortunes of the company will be defined more broadly as wearables, as opposed to today's OS distinction. So, to that end, dedicating time and attention to the Mac line takes away from this future focus.

But, Apple decided they must continue the current split focus between Mac and iOS. Here's Neil again:

...30M Apple users [are] dependent on pro Mac hardware and software. While this segment only accounts for 4% of Apple's user base, it is responsible for creating content consumed by the other 96% of Apple users. These content creators have played a major role in Apple's mobile success. 

It's easy to imagine a busy Apple team increasingly focused on iOS and stretched thin with augmented reality, TV deals, autonomous vehicles, wearables, and who knows what else we don't know about. And this daily pressure to focus on the future added up to a few years slipping past with the Mac Pro (and maybe by extension, the Mac line) having also slipped increasingly lower on the "to do" list. And now, it's back at the top of that list.

Disclaimer: At the time of this writing, I own Apple stock.