Ben Edwards on the benefits of self-driving cars

Ben Edwards, of Alt Text, shares a terrific overview of the many benefits we will gain with autonomous cars: lives saved, the end of traffic, a better use of our time, improved health, a cleaner earth, and much more. But I'm still worried that it's going to be awhile before we get there - not because the technology won't be ready, but because people won't be ready.

Here's Ben's take:

There will be some significant hurdles to get over with regards to public adoption, as many recent polls suggest the U.S. population is not yet ready to give up the wheel.
Three out of four U.S. drivers said they would feel “afraid” to ride in self-driving cars, according to the AAA survey released on 1 Mar 2016. Just one in five said they would actually trust a driverless vehicle to drive itself with them inside.
There was likely a time when people didn’t trust calculators to add and subtract for them either. I’m sure we’ll soon be in the “break-in” period, where people get used to the numerous semi-automated features already in place on many vehicles, as a way to build trust. But as I like to say, autonomous cars don’t need to be 100% perfect in order for them to be a vast improvement over human drivers.

The world will be a better place when humans are no longer driving.