Cars and second order consequences

Benedict Evans shares his expansive thoughts on second (and third) order consequences of our auto fleets moving to electric and autonomous. Many of us have wondered what would happen to gas stations as we move to electric (likely charging at home), but Benedict points out that tobacco use could see a significant drop:

Tobacco in particular might be interesting - well over half of US tobacco sales happens at gas stations, and there are meaningful indications that removing distribution reduces consumption - that cigarettes are often an impulse purchase and if they're not in front of you then many smokers are less likely to buy them. Car crashes kill 35k people a year in the USA, but tobacco kills 500k. 

(Emphasis mine.)

Technology change isn't just about new gadgets, it's about fundamentally changing how we act and behave. We're all in for a great deal of change in the next decade or two - whether you use tobacco or not.