Executives optimistic that AI will create jobs

Dave Wright, CSO of ServiceNow, writing for recode:

Most of the executives in our survey — 79 percent — say they expect the increase in automation to lead to the creation of new jobs.
And while it’s certain that some jobs will be affected, and some even eliminated, what will change is the mix of skills required for the new jobs that will rise in their place: Nearly every executive in the survey — 94 percent — agreed that when administrative tasks are automated, the demand for jobs that call for soft skills like collaboration, communication and creative problem-solving will grow.
So, as industries head down the path toward intelligent automation, there’s a good chance that the mundane and repetitive parts of your job that you dislike will go away, and you’ll spend more time doing the more challenging and rewarding work. Yes, it’s a change, but for most of us, it’s one worth embracing, and now.

Maybe. What is clear from the economic data is that automation leads to job loss, and as a result, we need programs designed to retrain those affected.