Facial recognition is used to nag you when you're not paying attention to your studies

Amor Too, TechCrunch, reports on software for online courses that uses artificial intelligence and facial analysis to determine whether students are paying attention in class:

The software uses students’ webcams to analyze eye movements and facial expressions and determine whether students are paying attention to a video lecture. It then formulates quizzes based on the content covered during moments of inattentiveness. Professors would also be able to identify moments when students’ attention waned, which could help to improve their teaching, Saucet says.

Even though this is on The Verge, I'm still not sure if this is a joke or not.

Rose Luckin, a professor at the University College London Knowledge Lab, had this to say, “A much more pedagogically sound approach would be to show the student when they are focused, and how that relates to their performance, So that you're offering information back to the student that helps them to structure their work time more effectively and helps them to become a more effective learner.”

Translation: this is a dumb idea.