Grand Unified Theory of Microsoft Products

In a previous post, I referenced Above Avalon's Grand Unified Theory of Apple Products. Today, Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop. This gives us an opportunity to create the Grand Unified Theory of Microsoft Products.

  • Surface Studio: The job of the Studio is to push the boundaries of a computer.
  • Surface Book: The Surface Book combines a laptop and a tablet to make it so you never need a desktop.
  • Surface Laptop: The Surface Laptop is for those who don't need their laptop to double as a tablet.
  • Surface Pro: The job of the tablet should be to be so powerful and capable that you never need a notebook.
  • Surface Phone: This doesn't exist yet. But when it does, it's job will be to do more and more things such that maybe you don't need your tablet.

A few notes:

  • The name Surface Pro for a tablet seems out of place in this lineup.
  • I'm not including Windows Phone as that line is basically dead.
  • There's no Surface Watch. And I'm not including Microsoft Band until we see renewed commitment from Microsoft to the wearable market.
  • Hololens and a first-party virtual reality headset are a whole other category of products.