HTML5, MongoDB, and iOS top the jobs list

According to, web developer jobs are the fastest growing across all types of jobs (not just tech) - ahead of MongoDB in second place and iOS in third place.

Top 10 Job Trends: 1) HTML5, 2) MongoDB, 3) iOS, 4) Android, 5) Mobile app, 6) Puppet, 7) Hadoop, 8) jQuery, 9) PaaS, 10) Social Media

This list confirms what's hot in tech right now: web development, cloud databases, mobile development, DevOps, and big data. But as managers, it's useful for us to always keep in mind that the success of our business rests on the talents of our highly skilled - and highly sought after - teams.

You have a huge impact on your team's job satisfaction. In an upcoming post, this will be explored more with specific examples.

Share with us: What are some of the things you do to recognize your teams? I'm always interested in hearing good ideas. Please share in the comments below.

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