On Meetings

Often, we create a powerpoint, and then, slide-by-slide, we spoon-feed the meeting participants bite-sized information - encouraging them to ask questions as we go, but usually hoping they wait until the end (since what they’re asking might be on the next slide). The grim truth is that only the presenters know what’s going to come next.

It’s inefficient, and doesn’t get at what we really need - informed discussion with decisions

I’d like to explore changing this with a few guidelines:

  • Information should be shared ahead of the meeting. For most topics, 1 or 2 pages will suffice. No more than 7 pages of information total.
  • Expectation is that people will have read ahead of time. Ask at the start of the meeting if everyone read. If not, we hold back a few minutes for them to get caught up.
  • Purpose of the meeting is clearly stated in the agenda with both a desired outcome along with the decisions that need to be made.
  • Meeting is then discussion-oriented. Questions are encouraged.
  • If the meeting is informational, consider whether we need a meeting at all.

Any additional considerations or thoughts I should incorporate?