Responding True

Being thoughtful is good.

However, sometimes we let our thoughts run away with us: dwelling on the past, especially events that are negative - which often isn’t helpful; or it’s opposite, over-worrying about the future - which can be a source of anxiety.

The middle-ground, that of being focused on the here and now, equips the mind with the ability to create space from these worries, and as a consequence, to better deal with them when they arise.

This is a key tenant of mindfulness - that of focusing on the present. And is a useful, perhaps even necessary tool for any leader. Providing the mind with the strength and focus to be present in the moment, even in those times of crisis, is critical. Ensuring that as a leader, you’re listening to your colleague, customer, or vendor is absolutely necessary to respond with a fully informed response.

These practices help ensure that you, as a leader, aren’t attempting to anticipate an answer, or spending the other person’s time talking while preparing your rebuttal, or getting lost in the tension and emotions of the person you’re communicating with. But instead, that you are centered and focused, and then responding true.