Merrio: better understand your team

I'm proud to share that Merrio is now used every week by companies and managers to help them better understand their teams. Over the past seven months, I've received incredible feedback from the beta users on what they need to help them gain insights into the needs of their teams. This has resulted in great additions to the offering. Here's a couple listed below.

Quick and Informative Surveys

Merrio takes almost no effort to get useful feedback from your team - by first preselecting survey questions for you, followed by delivering the survey in a way that works best for your team, and then making it astonishingly easy and fast to answer. 

Weekly Question - one click and your team is done.

Weekly Question - one click and your team is done.

Creating Conversations

By design, surveys in Merrio are not anonymous. This affords an opportunity for you, as the manager, to understand who is challenged on a particular spectrum. And most importantly, for you to then follow up with them to help resolve the concern.

Survey questions are aligned to one of nine categories to help you better understand your team. In aggregate, and over time, these single question surveys paint a picture of the health of your team. If the charts are left-shifted (larger volumes of answers), then your team is feeling pretty good about the particular topic. And if right-shifted, then you likely have some work to do.

Survey Results - aligned To critical categories

Get Started With Your Team

Merrio will help you detect problems before they become a crisis, help you identify issues affecting your teams, and help you better understand your teams.

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