Ikea is now offering smart lighting

Ikea's first home automation solution [...] is as inexpensive as you’d expect, and focused on the biggest bang-for-the-buck in smart homes today: lighting.

This is noteworthy because Ikea can move markets: as noted in the article on The Verge, there are nearly a billion store visits to Ikea annually (and nearly double that to their website).

However, I previously wrote that consumers need two things before they'd adopt smart home technology: a basic need being fulfilled (like security) plus convenience - that convenience alone isn't enough for mass adoption. And I still think this is true.

What smart lights potentially offer is variable lighting (that is, dimming + color + staged/zone lighting) in combination with convenience. Ikea recognizes this with their new offering, but appear to be struggling with the interaction paradigm: offering motion detectors, an admittedly novel remote, and a smartphone app. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google believe voice is the best interface (and Apple believes it's the TV?). Clearly, the issue has yet to be settled.

Source: Thomas Ricker, The Verge