Thoughts on Amazon Echo Look

Mike Murphy writing for Quartz:

...the Look could in theory tell you with some degree of certainty what items of clothing will look good on you, thus convincing you to ask Alexa to order you more of those clothes. Several startups are working on creating accurate 3D scans of a person’s body from just a webcam to help retailers figure out your clothing size without forcing you to try on clothes—Amazon could use such technology to scan through the Echo Look and send a new pair of jeans your way that fit perfectly, letting you keep the fun of shopping without the pain.

Admittedly, the example use given by Amazon for the Echo Look to "take a selfie" is boring and silly. But the many articles commenting on how "creepy" it is to have a camera in the bedroom are missing the point. As noted, shopping in the privacy of your own home for clothes that fit will be a big business. But, perhaps even more importantly, this device continues to expand the capability for a type of computing where no physical interaction is required. That is, "touchless computing" - where voice and imaging are the primary means of input.