Twitch wants to create fan-driven shows

Kurt Wagner, writing for recode:

Twitch wants to stream original programming, according to COO Kevin Lin, but with a catch: It wants to stream TV shows that are actually written and produced along the way with input from Twitch’s viewers. A kind of “choose your own adventure” TV show.

Twitch lets users comment on videos as they happen, and Lin wants to use those comments to steer the programming. If Twitch’s commenters clearly don’t like a storyline from Episode One of a Twitch show, for example, the show’s producers might change that storyline in later episodes as a result of the feedback.

“We’d want to identify really progressive studios that are willing to take a gamble and not release something in a big dump like most [premium] digital platforms these days,” Lin explained in an interview with Recode. “[Someone who] will work with us and say, ‘week to week, we’re going to change this thing. We’re going to somehow make it a little more interactive.’”

This is an absolutely fantastic idea. A big part of the fun of Mr. Robot was the fans trying to figure out what was going on. I love the idea that we, as a collective group, could influence what happens in a show.