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Below are articles that I’m reading, that I thought you might be interested in too.

Almost thirty years ago, our former editor John Case reflected, "a company performs best when its people see themselves as partners in the business rather than as hired hands." He called the philosophy Open-Book Management (OBM), and the term was coined in 1993 right here in Inc. Magazine .

The other reason it’s top of mind involves our story from earlier this morning, which broke the news of Figure’s self-funded efforts to introduce its own humanoid courtesy of an impressive staff of former Apple, Tesla, Boston Dynamics and Google employees.

In addition to their regular working hours, office workers said they spend an average of 67 extra minutes online each day (5.5 hours a week) simply making sure they’re visibly working online, according to a recent survey from software companies Qatalog and GitLab. Workers everywhere are feeling burnt out by this behavior.

To boot, even if Stable Diffusion does not excel at every possible type of text-prompt (for example, in reproducing a particular genre, style of art, or celebrity that was under-represented in the original trained dataset), the weights of the model can be ‘fine-tuned’ by end-users, who can continue to train it solely on image collections of their choice.