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Below are articles that I’m reading, that I thought you might be interested in too.

While versions of GPT have been around for a while, this model has crossed a threshold: It’s genuinely useful for a wide range of tasks, from creating software to generating business ideas to writing a wedding toast.

These astute contributions were combined with data, research, the experience of working with over 100 global organisations as part of the work we do at Insight222, and conversations with colleagues, peers and guests on the Digital HR Leaders Podcast .

To those students, I have always said: You may not be interested in poetry or civics, but no matter what you end up doing with your life, a basic competence in writing is an absolutely essential skill—whether it’s for college admissions, writing a cover letter when applying for a job, or just writing an email to your boss.

Search functionality is a core part of most data-driven products, and is used widely at LinkedIn. We have long provided a central platform for search functionalities; however, it was not fully managed in the sense that the application teams needed to own and operate the corresponding resources.