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Below are articles that I’m reading, that I thought you might be interested in too.

For a concrete example of what such a personalized podcast felt like, I started one conversation by straight-up asking ChatGPT to keep me awake while I was driving in Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego.

The study compares Waymo’s liability claims data with mileage- and zip-code-calibrated private passenger vehicle (human driver) baselines established by Swiss Re. Based on Swiss Re’s data from over 600,000 claims and over 125 billion miles of exposure, these baselines are extremely robust and highly significant.

The new machine learning meant that speech recognition and natural language processing were good enough to build a completely generalised and open input, but though you could ask anything, they could only actually answer 10 or 20 or 50 things, and each of those had to be built one by one, by hand, by someone at Amazon, Apple or Google.