Stream of Consciousness

Author: Ron Lancaster 
Date: 2005

Stream of Consciousness is the codename for a client-server application that allows people to share images, documents, text, media in a "river of information" format. Individuals will be able to join groups. Once joined to a group, the software will begin streaming the last "N" additions of media added to the group and any new instances as they are available.

The implementation will be an OpenLaszlo application which retrieves media elements from the server individually. Each media element will be sized or iconified as appropriate by the server prior to transmission to the client.

The client will scroll the elements from right to left. Mousing over resized media will display it in a larger area. Clicking an element will launch the appropriate viewer.

Under each element the contributor's avatar will be displayed. Mousing over the contributor's avatar will show that person's bio and any relevant information and stats. For example, a person who always downloads but never uploads would be a leech and a person who always uploads but never downloads would be uppity. With influence based on the "cool" factor of their contributions (or consumptions).

To the right of the viewing area will be an upload box. This will be a small Java applet that pushes content up to the server for display to the group. Using an applet allows it to be a drop-target so that any content from the desktop can be quickly added for viewing by the group.


  • Server requires authentication
  • Flash 7 client application