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  • I saw this logic problem on Twitter:

    Here we have a toothpick, a bowl of pudding, a full glass of water, and a marshmallow. Please tell me how to stack them onto each other in a stable manner.

    And GPT4 fails to solve it on the first pass, as it wants to put the bowl of pudding on the bottom of the stack. Which would work, but of course, would make a big mess.

    So, I used a Swarm in Oner to first …

    Introducing Oner Swarms

    Oner is an AI-aware notebook, built on the idea that agents should be an integral part of every day creative work.

    Swarms are AI agents that can cooperate to accomplish a common goal or purpose.

    See Oner here:

    In a typical AI chat session without tools, the format is commonly call and response: that is, the user asks a question and the AI makes its best attempt at an answer. …