Ron Lancaster

Thoughts on tech and leadership

Over the weekend, my good friend and mentor, Steve Nordberg, passed away.

Early in my career, Steve took a chance on me to become a software developer. I had no experience and not much in the way of credentials, but despite the early stage VUE was at (few customers and building a testing system in nine months), he was willing to take me on as an intern.

Steve provided guidance and counsel to me as I took on challenges and increasing responsibility. But, it wasn’t just me. For many, he was a person that you could call to get clear advice on almost any business challenge.

This is because Steve’s superpower was the ability to identify the simplest solution possible. He had this incredible ability to get to the heart of the problem. To take a complex problem, and identify the crux of the issue - and to make it understandable for others.

Steve was a terrific friend and someone I could count on throughout my career.

But most of all, I will forever be indebted to him for believing in me - in the beginning and beyond.

Steve, you will be missed.

Image of Steve on ski slope