Ron Lancaster

Thoughts on tech and leadership

To my colleagues at VUE,

This past Friday was my last day at Pearson VUE - marking the end of over two decades.

Together, we have built a terrific company - one that ensures the public safety, one that helps people achieve their life’s goals, and one that assists people in achieving professional success.

I joined VUE right out of college in 1997: starting in the call center as a program coordinator and then shortly thereafter as an intern software developer. Over the years, I’ve been in and out of management; helped write reports, test drivers, payment processing, and more; and brought in many of the tools and processes you use and follow today.

Looking back, there have been times of joy - and times that were trying and painful. But together, we both made it through and thrived. As a guide throughout, I’ve earnestly tried to do what’s best for the company first. I share this because I believe it’s a useful way for you to work as well.

My friends and colleagues, you have been a terrific influence on whom I’ve become today. And for that, I sincerely thank you.

All the best, Ron